DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club is a highly aspirational business and we strive for industry leading professionals, products, services and facilities. We want to be the best by offering outstanding service and standards to our members and employees.

We are an industry leading destination for leisure, dining, entertainment, events and fitness. Our team consists of more than 300 employees across three exceptional venues in Western Sydney:

  • DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club
  • DOOLEYS Regent St Pavilion
  • DOOLEYS Health + Fitness

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is simple – to provide premium leisure and entertainment destinations for our Members and local communities

Our Success as a club is based on our principles and values. It is governed and measured by our people and the relationships formed with our Members and the Community. The result of this success include wonderful opportunities for you and any employee who wishes to make hospitality and Clubs their career choice

Embrace situations despite fear , uncertainty or resistance

Value others and their differences

Maintain the highest service standards

Be genuine and down to earth in all interactions

Be transparent and maintain high ethical standards